Brian D Holland is a published author, a freelance music journalist, and an interviewer of legendary and up-and-coming musicians, primarily guitarists. With the intention to enlighten others to guitar playing virtuosity, his articles and CD/DVD reviews are published regularly in numerous print and online magazines. He also writes short stories of profound fiction. He has recently published his first novel, entitled, The Three Doors (Jan. 9, 2013). Brian resides in Massachusetts with his wife and two children. The Sonic Blaze is devoted to the artists he has had the pleasure to meet and write about, as well as many others.


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"Quality music isn't always heard on the radio in 'popular' formats. It's often hidden, sometimes in the shadows or underground, like treasure. Once it's discovered and recognized it becomes an invaluable fortune that lives on forever in our hearts and minds. Discovering it is an obsession of mine. I'm then the messenger." - Brian D. Holland




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